Virtual Fashion Show: Behind the Scenes!

Hey guys!

So, the time is fast approaching for the release of israella|KOBLA|’s very first virtual fashion show… eeeek! In the mean time take a look at the behind the scenes footage!

Click here to take a look

We had a such a fun time filming this video… it ran way over the time but everyone stayed in such good spirits and got the job done. My friend Fawwaz was in charge of capturing all the behind the action. And Robert [Odudu Photography] was the videographer for the main video. Massive thanks to both of them and also my models as well: Yang, Issaina, and Angelica.

I’ve also decided to make this a trend for every collection that I put out. I have personally never seen any fashion video like the one that I will be released… so I think it would be so cool to create something that would synonymous with israella|KOBLA|.

Click here to take a look

Much love,

Emefa :* :*


My Birthday Outfit: End Result!

So, my birthday is nearly over! :( But I had a great time celebrating it and and even better time rocking my outfit. I must be honest though I came very close to just leaving the project! It is very hard when you have curves to make things fit properly (without all your bits and pieces falling out). But I managed to pull it together in the end and I just made a slight change to the original design.

Pictures below! (the lighting was really dim everywhere we went so the pictures are not as clear as I would have liked). Massive thank you to my friend Aira for getting the material as a gift for my birthday! :*

And look what my friend Saphia got for me.. personalized sketchbooks.. whoop whoop!! :D. The quote inside also meant a lot!!

Photo 03-12-2012 00 25 13Photo 03-12-2012 00 25 21Photo 03-12-2012 00 25 29

Below are some pictures of me looking a little rough making the outfit

Photo 29-11-2012 19 42 02Photo 29-11-2012 19 42 31Photo 29-11-2012 19 42 25Photo 30-11-2012 16 11 35

If you don’t already know me, you are probably starting to see that there is always something in the pipelines. This weekend I’m going to be shooting my virtual fashion show!! Remember how my friend Sade gave me the idea after I decided not to do the fashion show.. I know it’s going to be siiick because Robert the photographer from my first shoot is going to be shooting it for me :D

Until next week!

Much love,

Emefa :* :*

Every Cloud Has a Silver Lining

OK, let me wrap this whole fashion show story up…

So making the decision not to participate was actually very hard. I had told all my friends and family, who live back in England and also Ghana, about it! They were eagerly awaiting my feedback and stories and pictures from the event, and were surprised when I told them it was now a no go.

Aside from that though, I had gotten so excited for the final outcome, I had dragged my [LOVELY] roommates out to practice with me and help me mark sequences out. Even they could see how excited I would get when the songs I had planned to use came on: at one point I was playing the songs in the shower, on my way to school, basically any opportunity I could get! :p

Anyway, one night I was venting to my friend Sade [from Sade With Love] and she suggested the most amazing thing to me —-> to have a VIRTUAL fashion show. She got the idea from the ASOS website where they have runway clips that show you how the garment looks on somebody so that you can get an idea of the movement etc. I developed on that idea and have a truly amazing project planned for you guys to see!!!

All  my friends encouraged me to work on getting a photo shoot done, so that I could have something to show to people. I’m forever grateful to them for that, because in the end I was really glad that the fashion show wasn’t able to happen so that I could go about developing israella|KOBLA| in the right way.

Check back soon for the latest on the photo shoot! :)

Until then,

Much love

Emefa :* :*