My Birthday Outfit: End Result!

So, my birthday is nearly over! :( But I had a great time celebrating it and and even better time rocking my outfit. I must be honest though I came very close to just leaving the project! It is very hard when you have curves to make things fit properly (without all your bits and pieces falling out). But I managed to pull it together in the end and I just made a slight change to the original design.

Pictures below! (the lighting was really dim everywhere we went so the pictures are not as clear as I would have liked). Massive thank you to my friend Aira for getting the material as a gift for my birthday! :*

And look what my friend Saphia got for me.. personalized sketchbooks.. whoop whoop!! :D. The quote inside also meant a lot!!

Photo 03-12-2012 00 25 13Photo 03-12-2012 00 25 21Photo 03-12-2012 00 25 29

Below are some pictures of me looking a little rough making the outfit

Photo 29-11-2012 19 42 02Photo 29-11-2012 19 42 31Photo 29-11-2012 19 42 25Photo 30-11-2012 16 11 35

If you don’t already know me, you are probably starting to see that there is always something in the pipelines. This weekend I’m going to be shooting my virtual fashion show!! Remember how my friend Sade gave me the idea after I decided not to do the fashion show.. I know it’s going to be siiick because Robert the photographer from my first shoot is going to be shooting it for me :D

Until next week!

Much love,

Emefa :* :*


My Birthday Outfit: Dumb or daring?!

So it’s my birthday next week [Dec 3rd].. and I’m celebrating it on Saturday. I don’t know if I’m dumb or daring.. lets go with daring.. haha! I have 3 days (along with 2 assignments) to make a pattern and sew my birthday outfit!

I’m using the style of the blue dress but turning it into pants! i’m also going to accentuate the shoulder [something that I LOVE to do] My roommate bought the material and notions as a birthday gift for me so I have to make sure I do it justice.

Here’s the sketch and also the material i’m going to use.. Be sure to check back next week when i’ll have the final garment posted!


I know i need to work on my colouring/shading [don’t judge me… i’m a beginner still]


Until next time,

Much love,

Emefa :* :*

Roommates Birthday Dress: End Result!

Yayyyy! She loved the dress.. I did too. Just wish I had more time to perfect it but hey such is life.

So I combined the idea of the romper and also the blue dress together to make a whole new dress!

Enjoy the pictures :D. I’ve also uploaded a sketch that I made of the dress

Next up is my birthday outfit! Coming soon

Much love,

Emefa :* :*

Drama 5: Dress in a Night

I must say that my blue dress, with the 3 straps at the back is one of the killer pieces in the Lost in the |WILDERNESS| collection.

Remember how I told you all the dresses were made to fit me and the 2 of my models were much skinnier than me.. Well it was Yang that I chose to wear that particular dress! And the way the dress is, you have to be able to capture the front, back, AND side to get the full beauty of it.. so there was no way i could take it in at the back and avoid taking pictures at certain angles.

I started altering the original dress but it was starting to look very messy, plus it was made from satin, which is very hard to sew with. Very unforgiving to mistakes!

Guess what that meant, I had to start the dress from scratch.. I literally started making the dress at 10pm the night before the photo shoot, I think i “finished” it around 6am! I say “finished” because I wasn’t able to give the dress those final touches that I normally am able to do. I literally, had my own little israella|KOBLA| sweatshop set up in my dining room.. haha!

It was well worth the hustle though because the dress turned out beautifully.

Last part coming up,

Much Love,

Emefa :* :*

My Very First Outfit

I would like to start by making a public announcement:

*** I know the fabric is hideous but I didn’t want to use nice, expensive fabric for my first proper attempt at sewing. Please don’t judge me! haha ***

Ok, so now that I was armed with my personal bodice and skirt pattern, it was time to copy it onto fabric and get sewing. I was taught soo many techniques with this really basic outfit. I learnt how to:

  • sew darts (really easy but I hate doing it)
  • attach facing to a neckline
  • get a curved neckline to lie flat
  • cut and attach sleeves
  • sew a zip
  • slip stitch
  • top stitch

Top and skirt made from my ‘personal fit’ basic patterns

Inside of the top showing the facing

Top stitching on the inside of the neckline

The picture on the above is a zoomed in picture showing how I top-stitched the facing of the neckline.

*** It’s a technique used to make sure that when you are wearing the top the facing doesn’t stick up and show ***

The picture below is what lies beneath… very ambiguous I know (ha!). I learnt that the way to get a curved neckline (or any curved edge) to lie down flat is to nip the fabric. Basically cutting the fabric up to the seam at 1″ (or less) intervals. And if you’re wondering about the white stuff, its sew on interfacing. It just stiffens the fabric to give you a more sturdy neckline.

Nipped neckline of the top

I think this skirt has been the first and only time that I have used this type of zip and attachment method. As soon as I discovered the concealed zip… IT WAS OVERR! The look of a concealed looks so much nicer and polished in my opinion. Unless maybe your sewing pants, that’s a mountain I’m yet to climb though.

Back of the skirt with sewn in zip

Wrong side of the skirt

For the hemline of the skirt I learnt a hand-sewing technique called the slip-stitch. As you can see you don’t see the thread anywhere, not even on the wrong side of the skirt. I personally think its better to use this method than the blind hem stitch function on a sewing machine. Luckily, it isn’t a tedious process so i really don’t mind.

Hemline of the skirt

Of course, I made quite a few mistakes along the way. Some of them were easily corrected (like when i stitched to far away from the edge) but some of the mistakes I left so that I could remember what not to do next time. For example, with the skirt I stitched the waistband down before attaching the front and back skirt pieces together. You can see below that the finishing isn’t as nice as it could have been, if I had attached the pieces before sewing the waistband.

Side seam (top view)

Side seam (side view)

*** NOTE: as you can see I could really do with an overlocker machine, I am readily accepting donations…haha ***

Me wearing the full outfit

Until next time.

Much love,

Emefa :* :*

First Day of Class

It’s funny… when I was younger, I would take my measurements and draw out my body shape on the fabric. Thats’s how I thought you achieved a perfectly fitting garment! I didn’t know there was such a thing called a DART.

So on my first day of “class” I took down my measurements (I realized I look smaller than I actually am… haha) and drafted a basic bodice block and also a basic skirt pattern.

***Because there is a 2.5″ difference between my front and back torso (going over my breasts) I have 2 darts at the side. 2.5″ is wayy too big for one dart, so I made one dart and shared it by slashing through the armhole.***

Basic Bodice (back)

Basic Skirt

Just because my Aunty was the one teaching me didn’t mean I could escape homework! She gave me a book called “Patternmaking for Fashion Design” by Helen Joseph- Armstrong. I would say it is hands down the best book I have come across for sewing. Some of their methods are a bit extra but you can always modify them. That’s what I did for my final basic bodice block, I used some techniques from both my aunty’s method and the book’s method to create a method that worked best for me.

Patternmaking for Fashion Design by Helen Joseph- Armstrong

That’s all for now.

Much love,

Emefa :* :*