How it All Started

So basically this whole fashion adventure began in January 2012,

I lost my brother at the beginning of the year  and had to take the semester off from Uni. Along with my parents, I went to Ghana for 2 months.

I’d ALWAYS wanted to learn how to sew and create my own patterns etc. so that’s exactly what I did. My Aunty is an amazing designer and teacher, so a few days a week I’d go to her house and she’d teach me the basics that I needed to know. I was LOVING it and I found the techniques really easy to pick up. Even my Aunty was surprised at how well I was sewing for a beginner!

So yeah, I got back to England in March and I was jobless. That’s when I really started getting creative and building on what my aunty had taught me. Like, I couldn’t sleep more than about 5 hours a night because my mind was constantly buzzing with ideas! I’d wake up at 6am and have so much energy to get to sewing. I have honestly never had passion for anything as much as this.

I think this summer I came to the realization that designing is the ONLY thing I can see myself doing for the rest of my life, without counting down to retirement! haha

My introduction into the fashion world was quite unconventional, and thats kind of why I want to write it all down for people to read!! So, this blog is basically going to be a very candid story of my journey towards becoming a fashion designer. All my ideas, all the things I make, all the problems that I encounter, everything will be on here for you to experience with me, learn from or just simply observe…


Much Love,

Emefa :* :*


2 Replies to “How it All Started”

  1. the blog looks amazing, i am really excited for you Emefa…and i cant wait to see what is in store for you..You are well on your way to making the world you B****…yeah Boi…Congratulations!

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