My Birthday Outfit: Dumb or daring?!

So it’s my birthday next week [Dec 3rd].. and I’m celebrating it on Saturday. I don’t know if I’m dumb or daring.. lets go with daring.. haha! I have 3 days (along with 2 assignments) to make a pattern and sew my birthday outfit!

I’m using the style of the blue dress but turning it into pants! i’m also going to accentuate the shoulder [something that I LOVE to do] My roommate bought the material and notions as a birthday gift for me so I have to make sure I do it justice.

Here’s the sketch and also the material i’m going to use.. Be sure to check back next week when i’ll have the final garment posted!


I know i need to work on my colouring/shading [don’t judge me… i’m a beginner still]


Until next time,

Much love,

Emefa :* :*


Roommates Birthday Dress: End Result!

Yayyyy! She loved the dress.. I did too. Just wish I had more time to perfect it but hey such is life.

So I combined the idea of the romper and also the blue dress together to make a whole new dress!

Enjoy the pictures :D. I’ve also uploaded a sketch that I made of the dress

Next up is my birthday outfit! Coming soon

Much love,

Emefa :* :*

Birthday Dress for my Roommate


So i’ve decided to take my roommate on as my first client! I’m going to design and make a dress for her birthday that’s next weekend! It going to incorporate 2 styles from my collection, but its nothing you will have seen from me before. That’s going to keep me busy this week.

I’m exciteeeeed!! I will post a sketch and the final garment once she’s seen it (the design is kind of a surprise).

Much love,

Emefa :* :*

Your Name is so Unique… Where Does it Come From?

So normally, when someone decides to start a designer label they probably, you know, have a brand name in mind. But for me, I started sewing as a way to keep myself occupied whilst I was in Ghana. I really didn’t plan on taking sewing further than a hobby, so coming up with a name was never really an issue for me. 

It was actually my aunty that implanted the idea of setting up my own label in my head. I just laughed it off at first, as if she wasn’t serious! But I’m the kind of person that once something is in my head I can’t stop thinking about it.

But yeah, once i actually made the decision to pursue this fashion journey, I didn’t have to think twice about what my label would be called. “Israella” is my middle name, I was named after my Dad who is called Israel. And “Kobla” was my brother’s Ghanaian name. It is an Ewe name given to a boy born on a Tuesday. The name is so important to me because it is my way of dedicating my company to my brother; it’s the thing that will always keep us bonded, the last thing that I can ever share with him.

My brother and I <3


I know my brother would have been so proud of me for turning such a negative situation into an amazingly positive one.

RIP big brother.

I will never stop missing you.

:* :*

First Day of Class

It’s funny… when I was younger, I would take my measurements and draw out my body shape on the fabric. Thats’s how I thought you achieved a perfectly fitting garment! I didn’t know there was such a thing called a DART.

So on my first day of “class” I took down my measurements (I realized I look smaller than I actually am… haha) and drafted a basic bodice block and also a basic skirt pattern.

***Because there is a 2.5″ difference between my front and back torso (going over my breasts) I have 2 darts at the side. 2.5″ is wayy too big for one dart, so I made one dart and shared it by slashing through the armhole.***

Basic Bodice (back)

Basic Skirt

Just because my Aunty was the one teaching me didn’t mean I could escape homework! She gave me a book called “Patternmaking for Fashion Design” by Helen Joseph- Armstrong. I would say it is hands down the best book I have come across for sewing. Some of their methods are a bit extra but you can always modify them. That’s what I did for my final basic bodice block, I used some techniques from both my aunty’s method and the book’s method to create a method that worked best for me.

Patternmaking for Fashion Design by Helen Joseph- Armstrong

That’s all for now.

Much love,

Emefa :* :*