Virtual Fashion Show

Yayyyy! The day finally arrived :D… I released my very first virtual fashion today and it felt so good! I have to say it was really fun working with Robert Odudu again.. he never fails to impress!! I’m trying to start a mini movement with this video so be sure to watch it, like it and share share share it

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Virtual Fashion Show: Behind the Scenes!

Hey guys!

So, the time is fast approaching for the release of israella|KOBLA|’s very first virtual fashion show… eeeek! In the mean time take a look at the behind the scenes footage!

Click here to take a look

We had a such a fun time filming this video… it ran way over the time but everyone stayed in such good spirits and got the job done. My friend Fawwaz was in charge of capturing all the behind the action. And Robert [Odudu Photography] was the videographer for the main video. Massive thanks to both of them and also my models as well: Yang, Issaina, and Angelica.

I’ve also decided to make this a trend for every collection that I put out. I have personally never seen any fashion video like the one that I will be released… so I think it would be so cool to create something that would synonymous with israella|KOBLA|.

Click here to take a look

Much love,

Emefa :* :*

Drama 6: AA goes AWOL

About a 3 days before the photo shoot I contacted American Apparel to find out about loaning clothes for the photo shoot ( someone had told me you could do this a few days prior). I wasn’t going to have time to sew outfits for the accessories line, so I figured I would just get some denim shirts or something. (I didn’t want anything distinctly American Apparel)

So I call the store to find out what the process was. I specifically asked if I would have to go through head office and I was told that I wouldn’t have to because I was only getting a few items. I’m like cool..

… I go in the next day, and the manager is like sorry, you have to contact head office. I don’t know who authorized this for you.. :O.. I was fuming but i’m like whatever, i’ll do it. The manager assured me that they normally reply within a day. I sent the email right away..

It was the day before my photo shoot and I still hadn’t received a reply. I called the head office and they told me the lady had just stepped out the office. I left a message and was told that she would call me back. I waited about 4 hours, still no call back..

..So I call again, this time they tell me that no one by that name works in the office.. FUNNY… I could have sworn I was told that the lady had just left the office when I called earlier :/.. Anyway, I ended that conversation when it wasn’t going anywhere..

.. I called the local store again, and luckily the girl on the other line took pity on me and told me to come to the store right away and get what I needed!

I still wonder what my models would have been wearing if it hadn’t worked out!

So given all the drama, its really amazing how well everything turned out in the end! :D

Much love,

Emefa :* :*

Drama 5: Dress in a Night

I must say that my blue dress, with the 3 straps at the back is one of the killer pieces in the Lost in the |WILDERNESS| collection.

Remember how I told you all the dresses were made to fit me and the 2 of my models were much skinnier than me.. Well it was Yang that I chose to wear that particular dress! And the way the dress is, you have to be able to capture the front, back, AND side to get the full beauty of it.. so there was no way i could take it in at the back and avoid taking pictures at certain angles.

I started altering the original dress but it was starting to look very messy, plus it was made from satin, which is very hard to sew with. Very unforgiving to mistakes!

Guess what that meant, I had to start the dress from scratch.. I literally started making the dress at 10pm the night before the photo shoot, I think i “finished” it around 6am! I say “finished” because I wasn’t able to give the dress those final touches that I normally am able to do. I literally, had my own little israella|KOBLA| sweatshop set up in my dining room.. haha!

It was well worth the hustle though because the dress turned out beautifully.

Last part coming up,

Much Love,

Emefa :* :*

Drama 4: Missing Shoulder Pad

Yah, so as I remember, it was 2 days before the photo shoot when I was trying to get all the finishing touches for the garments completed. And then I realize that one of the shoulder pads, for the keyhole back peplum dress, was M.I.A!!

I literally took the house apart 4+ times and got my roommate to do the same… it was nowhere to be found! I came to the conclusion that it had been accidentally thrown away by me or someone else. Because I had bought the bits to make the shoulder pads in England, I had to buy all new bits, and start from scratch making 2 new shoulder pads!! On top of everything else, this was the last thing I needed.

In the end though I did end up like the new pair (right) better than the original pair (left).

And guess what, about a week ago my roommate found the lost shoulder pad!! Can you imagine?? I told her to throw it away because it had caused me too much stress.. Haha!

Part 5, next

Much love

Emefa :* :*

Drama 3: Snow is Forecasted

One thing that I love about living in Ottawa is the fall/winter weather…. NOT!

The weather for the day of my photo shoot was really not looking promising. I didn’t mind that there wasn’t going to be any sun (apparently this fact makes photographers very happy). But SNOW.. nah ah!

The location I had found for my photo shoot was beyond perfect, and very much an outdoor location! I tried finding alternative indoor locations, but all the places that came somewhat close to having the same vibe I was looking for, were downright creepy! I guess that’s what you get when you google “abandoned buildings in Ottawa”.

The morning of the photo shoot, the weather was looking pretty decent, but as we were driving to the location though, it started to drizzle. I was just hoping against hope that it would just fizzle out and stop all together.

Luckily, in the end, apart from it being ridiculously cold.. the weather was most definitely on our side!! :D

Oh, there’s more in part 4!

Much love,

Emefa :* :*

Drama 2: Scheduled to Work!

Please tell me how I forgot to book the day off work for my photo shoot!? And it wasn’t as if I had a short 3/4 hour shift.. OH NO.. I was working a full 9 hours! yes, 9 hours!!

What made it worse was that literally everybody except 2 people were not scheduled that day. I couldn’t call in sick (not that I would :p) because everyone at work knew that I was preparing for my photo shoot.

So i tried my luck with the first person: NOPE! she couldn’t do it, she had just had her wisdom teeth pulled out, so she was very much out of action. Next I tried the part time actor, I really wasn’t hopeful because he normally requests the weekends off. So you can imagine my surprise when he said that he could take my shift!

If I hadn’t been talking to him over the phone, I most definitely would have given him the biggest kiss of life, haha!!

It gets better (or worse, I should say)

Hold tight for part 3,

Much love,

Emefa :* :*