Photo Shoot Preparation

So I was literally “preparing” until the first picture was taken on the day of the photo shoot.. Haha!! It’s not easy running errands and such when you have work and school to attend. I have to say that I could not have pulled everything together without the massive amounts of help I got from my roommates and friends! Huge shout out to them :D

OK, so one of my models, Issaina, was a perfect fit for my clothes (I was so happy, because that meant 4 garments I didn’t need to alter). The other 2 models (they were a lot slimmer than me!) were slightly bigger than my roommate Aira, so i double checked the alterations on her.

So I decided to bring 3 people along with me (aside from the photographer and models of course). Anita, who was in charge of getting the models dressed and making sure everything looked how it was supposed to. Aira, was my director, so she helped me pick the locations for each shot and also gave the models ideas about different poses. And Saphia, was capturing everything that happened on the day and taking care of anything else that needed to be done.

I didn’t know exactly where I would be at all times, so I made a little schedule to give to everyone so that they knew exactly what should be going on even if i wasn’t around! I also made picture collages to give to Anita, so she knew what the final look of each outfit was, including jewellery and shoes.

I also was scanning the internet for different make- up looks and poses and such. For the hair, I replicated a style that I saw on a few girls when I volunteered at African Fashion Week London.

Next up, the big day!

Much love,

Emefa :* :*


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