Photo Shoot Day!!!!

So the photo shoot was the ultimate success!!I really couldn’t have asked for anything better! The models were amazing, the photographer did his thing( which i knew he would, and my friends did everything possible to make sure everything went well)

Big shout out to:

Photographer – Robert Odudu [Odudu Photography]

Makeup Artist – Afia Agyeman [Metamorphosis Beauty]

Hair – Saphia Dixon

Models – Yuanchu Yang, Angelica Dale, Issaina Beliz

And of course my 3 wonderful friends that came along!

Go check out the behind the scenes video I posted on Youtube!!!! Thanks to Saphia Dixon for putting it together (don’t sleep on her – future videographer in the making!)

Lost in the |WILDERNESS| behind the scenes <—– CLICK!!!

It was so freaking cold that day!! But like boss ladies my models didn’t let it it show in the pictures. They seriously rocked it out. I LOVE them so much!!

Here is a little gallery of random pictures from the day.

Even though everything came out perfect in the end! So many things went wrong in the build up to the big day, and even on the big day. I’m going to have a little “Drama Series” talking about all of those things.

Look out for the final edited pictures in the next post!

Much love,

Emefa :* :*


2 Replies to “Photo Shoot Day!!!!”

  1. I really love your this line, the jumpers look soo nice :) The Bow-ties are just beautiful, More grease to your elbow as you go on this journey

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