Drama 6: AA goes AWOL

About a 3 days before the photo shoot I contacted American Apparel to find out about loaning clothes for the photo shoot ( someone had told me you could do this a few days prior). I wasn’t going to have time to sew outfits for the accessories line, so I figured I would just get some denim shirts or something. (I didn’t want anything distinctly American Apparel)

So I call the store to find out what the process was. I specifically asked if I would have to go through head office and I was told that I wouldn’t have to because I was only getting a few items. I’m like cool..

… I go in the next day, and the manager is like sorry, you have to contact head office. I don’t know who authorized this for you.. :O.. I was fuming but i’m like whatever, i’ll do it. The manager assured me that they normally reply within a day. I sent the email right away..

It was the day before my photo shoot and I still hadn’t received a reply. I called the head office and they told me the lady had just stepped out the office. I left a message and was told that she would call me back. I waited about 4 hours, still no call back..

..So I call again, this time they tell me that no one by that name works in the office.. FUNNY… I could have sworn I was told that the lady had just left the office when I called earlier :/.. Anyway, I ended that conversation when it wasn’t going anywhere..

.. I called the local store again, and luckily the girl on the other line took pity on me and told me to come to the store right away and get what I needed!

I still wonder what my models would have been wearing if it hadn’t worked out!

So given all the drama, its really amazing how well everything turned out in the end! :D

Much love,

Emefa :* :*


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