Drama 5: Dress in a Night

I must say that my blue dress, with the 3 straps at the back is one of the killer pieces in the Lost in the |WILDERNESS| collection.

Remember how I told you all the dresses were made to fit me and the 2 of my models were much skinnier than me.. Well it was Yang that I chose to wear that particular dress! And the way the dress is, you have to be able to capture the front, back, AND side to get the full beauty of it.. so there was no way i could take it in at the back and avoid taking pictures at certain angles.

I started altering the original dress but it was starting to look very messy, plus it was made from satin, which is very hard to sew with. Very unforgiving to mistakes!

Guess what that meant, I had to start the dress from scratch.. I literally started making the dress at 10pm the night before the photo shoot, I think i “finished” it around 6am! I say “finished” because I wasn’t able to give the dress those final touches that I normally am able to do. I literally, had my own little israella|KOBLA| sweatshop set up in my dining room.. haha!

It was well worth the hustle though because the dress turned out beautifully.

Last part coming up,

Much Love,

Emefa :* :*


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