Drama 4: Missing Shoulder Pad

Yah, so as I remember, it was 2 days before the photo shoot when I was trying to get all the finishing touches for the garments completed. And then I realize that one of the shoulder pads, for the keyhole back peplum dress, was M.I.A!!

I literally took the house apart 4+ times and got my roommate to do the same… it was nowhere to be found! I came to the conclusion that it had been accidentally thrown away by me or someone else. Because I had bought the bits to make the shoulder pads in England, I had to buy all new bits, and start from scratch making 2 new shoulder pads!! On top of everything else, this was the last thing I needed.

In the end though I did end up like the new pair (right) better than the original pair (left).

And guess what, about a week ago my roommate found the lost shoulder pad!! Can you imagine?? I told her to throw it away because it had caused me too much stress.. Haha!

Part 5, next

Much love

Emefa :* :*


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