Drama 2: Scheduled to Work!

Please tell me how I forgot to book the day off work for my photo shoot!? And it wasn’t as if I had a short 3/4 hour shift.. OH NO.. I was working a full 9 hours! yes, 9 hours!!

What made it worse was that literally everybody except 2 people were not scheduled that day. I couldn’t call in sick (not that I would :p) because everyone at work knew that I was preparing for my photo shoot.

So i tried my luck with the first person: NOPE! she couldn’t do it, she had just had her wisdom teeth pulled out, so she was very much out of action. Next I tried the part time actor, I really wasn’t hopeful because he normally requests the weekends off. So you can imagine my surprise when he said that he could take my shift!

If I hadn’t been talking to him over the phone, I most definitely would have given him the biggest kiss of life, haha!!

It gets better (or worse, I should say)

Hold tight for part 3,

Much love,

Emefa :* :*


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