Drama 1: No Photographer!!

So originally, I planned to use Robert Odudu to take the pictures. But being the very talented photographer that he is, he was crazy busy! I really wanted to get the photo shoot done ASAP and the date he gave me was sooo far away!

I tried looking all over for a decently priced photographer. I explained to them that I was a student and just starting out in the business (hoping they would do it pro bono.. haha).. but really, who was I kidding? Everybody needs to make a living!

So by the time I came back to Robert, he was no longer available for the original date he had said. I literally wanted to cry, it was a week before the apparent photo shoot and I didn’t have one of the key people– A PHOTOGRAPHER!!

After speaking to Robert and explaining all the stress I had been through, we managed to work something out and get a date that both he and the models could make!

I’m so glad he was the photographer, because he has such a good eye for capturing shots. Plus we had so much fun on set!!

Be sure to check out his Facebook page [Odudu Photography]

Part 2 coming up…

Much love,

Emefa :* :*


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