First Day of Class

It’s funny… when I was younger, I would take my measurements and draw out my body shape on the fabric. Thats’s how I thought you achieved a perfectly fitting garment! I didn’t know there was such a thing called a DART.

So on my first day of “class” I took down my measurements (I realized I look smaller than I actually am… haha) and drafted a basic bodice block and also a basic skirt pattern.

***Because there is a 2.5″ difference between my front and back torso (going over my breasts) I have 2 darts at the side. 2.5″ is wayy too big for one dart, so I made one dart and shared it by slashing through the armhole.***

Basic Bodice (back)
Basic Skirt

Just because my Aunty was the one teaching me didn’t mean I could escape homework! She gave me a book called “Patternmaking for Fashion Design” by Helen Joseph- Armstrong. I would say it is hands down the best book I have come across for sewing. Some of their methods are a bit extra but you can always modify them. That’s what I did for my final basic bodice block, I used some techniques from both my aunty’s method and the book’s method to create a method that worked best for me.

Patternmaking for Fashion Design by Helen Joseph- Armstrong

That’s all for now.

Much love,

Emefa :* :*


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